AESPA achieved career high with its second mini-album "Girls," ranking third on the U.S. "Billboard 200" chart.

On July 17 (local time), Billboard released the top 10 albums of "Billboard 200" (as of July 23), ranking third in the "Billboard 200" through AESPA's second mini album "Girls" and making it the top 10 for the first time.

Previously, AESPA ranked 20th on "Billboard 200" with its first mini-album "Savage" and ranked 3rd with this album, proving AESPA's strong popularity and influence once again with its achievement of achieving the highest K-pop girl group ranking this year.

In addition, this week's Billboard 200 chart TOP10 features a large number of world-class musicians such as Harry Styles, Drake, The Weekend, and Chris Brown, making AESPA's strong global power, which ranked third more proudly than ever.

In addition, AESPA recorded 1.61 million pre-orders with its second mini-album "Girls," and according to the Circle Chart, it has been marching to become the first K-pop girl group to win the first million seller title with 1,426,487 albums sold in the first week.

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