The vice chairman of the UN Economic and Social Council delivered a meaningful message in the name of the group Aespa.

Aespa attended the opening section of the 2022 High-Level Forum on Sustainable Development held at the UN General Assembly Hall in New York on the morning of the 5th (local time) and became a global speaker.

On this day, Aespa made a speech under the theme of "Next Generation to the Next Level," leaving a message encouraging interest in and practice of sustainable development goals.

In particular, Suriya Chindawongse, vice chairman of the Economic and Social Council, spelled Aespa and delivered the message, adding meaning. He explained the topics of the forum, including "voices should be head" (coexistence), "equity and empowerment", "sustainability and synergy", "planet and people", and "architecture" (architecture) in each spelling of AESPA.

In addition, the UN posted a photo of Aespa as a speaker through its official SNS account, drawing keen attention from global fans. Aespa's serious and passionate eyes in neat all-black clothes are impressive.

As Aespa is also a representative of the MZ generation and a group with a metaverse worldview with members of the avatar "ae," "Metaverse is an infinite area beyond all boundaries such as reality and virtual, time, space, genre, and generation, and more diverse possibilities are open, so many people pay attention and study.

In a situation where interest in Metabus is accelerating, he expressed his presence by asking a question about "Are you trying that much about the real world?"

Aespa continued, "The metaverse world is a world that reflects reality, and if reality is only depleted and not sustainable, wouldn't it be difficult to keep the infinite possibilities of the virtual world?" Without a sustainable Earth ecosystem and equal opportunities for quality life, there will be no real world that the metaverse world can reflect," he said, stressing the importance of continuing to support sustainable development goals for the next generation.

Finally, Aespa expressed his ambition, saying, "We will make efforts to communicate with the next generation through music and to inform the real world and the metaverse of goals for sustainable development."

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