TWICE Nayeon released a highlight medley ahead of her solo debut.

Nayeon is presenting various teasing contents such as opening trailer, concept photo, and "IM SNIPPET" on its official SNS channel ahead of the release of her first solo album at 1 p.m. (0 p.m. Eastern time in the U.S.) on June 24.

At midnight on the 21st, the highlight medley video "NAYEON "IM NAYEON" Album Snake Peak (NAYEON "I am NAYEON" album Snake Peak) was posted to meet all the songs of the album in advance, further raising the fever for solo debut.

The video contains seven highlights, including the title song "POP!", "NO PROBLEM (Feat. Felix of Stray Kids), "LOVE COUNTDOWN (Feat. Onestein), "CANDYFLOSS", "ALL OR NOTHING", and "HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU".

The title song "POP!" is a fascinating song that aims to burst the other person's heart that swells like a bubble, and the addictive melody and Nayeon's popping energy created a fantastic synergy. It is expected to be the most "naive" song completed by leading domestic and foreign writers such as KENZIE, London Noise, and Isran.

In particular, in this highlight video, a preview of the songs that have never been released in the teasing content "IM SNIPPET," which pre-released some of the songs, is more eye-catching.

Meanwhile, Nayeon's first solo album "IM NAYEON" and title song "POP!" will be officially released at 1 p.m. on June 24.

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