Actor Song Kang-ho met director Hirokazu Koreeda in front of a hotel elevator at the Busan International Film Festival. He already admired and liked the work of director Koreeda.

The accidental meeting that we talked for a while that day was the beginning of the relationship between the two. As time passed, we filmed a movie together and headed to the Cannes Film Festival together. He also enjoyed the joy of winning the award. The movie is 'Broker'.

Actor Song Kang-ho confessed that he had a prejudice before starting work with director Hirokazu Koreeda. I thought it would start with a sophisticated and perfect scenario where everything was decided from start to finish.

However, the 'Broker' filming method was very open.Song Kang-ho was surprised by the fresh way the actor and director communicate freely. And in it he felt a sense of liberation. Song Kang-ho looked back on the moment he first heard about the "broker" six to seven years ago.

"I heard about 'Broker' through a meeting with director Hirokazu Koreeda at the Busan International Film Festival about six to seven years ago. I didn't mean to shoot it next year. It's going to take years, but I'm starting a movie like this, so I'm asking you to join me.

I said yes and broke up. It was around the time when Bong Joon-ho decided to appear in "Parasite" and was about to start filming. I told director Koreeda that my next movie is about Bong's family, "Parasite," and I don't know what it would be like to talk about another family with the director as the next movie.

So I said, if there's a broker scenario or a synopsis, let's go over it again. As a result, I became a broker a long time after filming Parasite, and that concern was gone."

He didn't expect to win the best actor award at the sixth Cannes Film Festival. It was always fun and happy that his work was introduced at the best film festival. Last year, the burden of screening was high, but this year, I wanted to enjoy the festival. Until the moment the name was called, the Prime Minister did not expect it.

"No one can know the result until you're sitting at the awards ceremony and calling out your name. It's the characteristic of Cannes. I know well because I've been a judge. Only the judges sitting on the podium know and no one knows the result. I don't think I won this award because I did well alone.

As you can see from "Broker," it's not a work that only one person leads. I think every actor, even a young baby, gathered every drop of sweat and completed a huge work. I really want to thank everyone who completed the 'broker' with their passion, effort and talent."

Song Kang-ho felt something while staying at the Cannes Film Festival this year. In any place, Korean content was naturally mentioned. I felt that filmmakers around the world were paying attention to Korean content. He clearly witnessed the change in status and gaze.

"I'm very honored and happy to win the Cannes Film Festival. But I think it's just a process in my long career and it can't be a goal. My dream is to continue to be an actor who communicates with the audience with good stories, good movies, and good acting.

The award and the invitation to the film festival are, of course, honored. However, I want to remain an actor who approaches the audience with new feelings and energy. That's my ultimate dream."

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