There are many mountains in Korea. Statistically, about 70% of Korea's land is made up of mountains. Therefore, there are many mountains that are good for sightseeing.

Among them, Seoraksan Mountain is a representative Korean mountain. Seoraksan Mountain is a mountain in Gangwon-do, located in the east of the Korean Peninsula.

Take the Donghae Expressway to Hyeonnam Interchange, take Route 7, to Sokcho, and go about 10km from Seorak-dong Intersection to Seorak-dong, and you will find the Sinheungsa Temple Site of Seoraksan Mountain. This is the representative entrance to Seoraksan Mountain, which is widely known to tourists.

On March 24, 1970, Seoraksan Mountain was designated as the fifth national park in Korea, and as of 2009, its designated area is 398.539에. Seoraksan Mountain is largely divided into four regions, Nae Seorak in the west, and Oeseorak in Sokcho-si and Yangyang-gun in the east, and it is divided into Buknae Seorak, Namnae Seorak, Buknae Seorak, and Namoe Seorak.

Seoraksan Mountain, which has the face of a cloth, is in full bloom in spring with azaleas and azaleas, and in summer, the greenery of fresh green harmonizes with the canyon to create a spectacular view.

In autumn, red-colored autumn leaves burn through the rocky peaks, and in winter, it forms a snowy country enough to create a fantastic panorama. Seoraksan Mountain, which shows beautiful scenery by changing its colors from season to season, is the most famous mountain in South Korea, comparable to Geumgangsan Mountain as a mountain of snow and rocks.

Jirisan Mountain, one of the other mountains in Korea, is a famous mountain with all the features of these three mountains, while Juwangsan Mountain has the most outstanding rocky cliffs, and Odaesan Salt River has the best valley beauty.

That's why people call Mt. Seorak 'the most beautiful woman in the mountains'. The name Seorak was named Seolbongsan Mountain or Seolsan Mountain because it was particularly impressive to see white snow covered in winter.

However, the best view of Seoraksan Mountain is also autumn leaves. Although the autumn leaves of Naejangsan Mountain, located in the south of Korea, are beautiful, the autumn leaves of Seoraksan Mountain, which are equipped with elements such as strange rocks and clear valleys, are the best.

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