Group MOMOLAND was selected as a candidate for the K-pop category at the 2022 MTV Millennial Awards (MIAW).

On June 6, MTV Latin America announced candidates for the 2022 MTV Millennial Awards. Momoland was nominated for the K-pop category and caught the eye. This is the first time that MOMOLAND has been nominated for the MTV Millennial Awards.

The MTV Millennial Awards is one of the most prestigious awards ceremonies in Latin America covering music and pop culture across Latin America, including Brazil.

Momoland released "Yummy Yummy Love" as a collaboration album with top South American artist Nati Natasha earlier this year, gaining huge popularity in South America. Immediately after its release, "Yummy Yummy Love" surpassed 30 million views of the music video, captivating global fans.

In particular, "Yummy Yummy Love" proved its terrifying popularity by entering the TOP10 in many South American countries such as Brazil, Mexico, and El Salvador.

Recently, he expressed interest in Latin Grammy winner Christian Nodal Momoland and said he was discussing collaboration in detail, drawing much attention among Latin fans. Nordal and Momoland's special collaboration is reportedly set to take place.

Meanwhile, Momoland left for Mexico in February and toured major cities such as Mexico City, Guadalajara, and Monterey to focus on promotional activities.

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