KARD, a four-member mixed group belonging to DSP Media, will open its official website and communicate with global fans.

DSP Media released a new link to the card's new official website on the 23rd, signaling active communication. KARD plans to communicate with fans through various channels such as its official website using Vista, YouTube, Twitter, and Instagram.

It is designed to deliver major announcements through the official website as well as to easily view KARD contents. Starting with the music video teaser for the title song "Ring The Alarm" of the new album "Re:", KARD has been receiving positive responses by sequentially releasing various contents such as birthday celebrations, new song music videos, and fan chants.

KARD made its pre-debut with "Oh NaNa" in 2016, and acquired the modifier "trusting and listening credit card" by instantly capturing the hearts of global listeners with "Don't Recall," "Rumor," and "Hola Hola."

The title song "Ring The Alarm," released on the 22nd, topped the K-pop song chart of Argentina and Paraguay, as well as the Vietnamese iTunes album chart.

It also ranked at the top of the World Wide iTunes and European iTunes album charts, and entered the TOP10 in China QQ Music K-POP charts, gaining wide popularity in North America, Latin America, Europe and Asia.

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