The group LESSERAFIM appeared as a cover model in a famous Japanese magazine.

Japanese fashion magazine "Nonno" announced on the 13th that "HYBE's first girl group LESSERAFIM, which has produced numerous global stars such as BTS, has appeared on Nonno for the first time!" and that Lesherafim has appeared as a cover model for the August issue of Nonno, which will be released on the 20th.

LESSERAFIM is also drawing attention for the first time as a cover model for a Japanese magazine. In particular, Nonno is a famous fashion magazine in Japan, so it is meaningful among LESSERAFIM's activities. Non-Roh said it will present a 10-page special while conducting interviews on "What LESSERAFIM loves."

In part of the LESSERAFIM interview released by Nonno, member Sakura said of Kim Chae-won, "It's always cool to try to show a new side of yourself! I want to help Chae Won relieve the burden of being a leader at least a little," he said.

Kazuha said of Sakura, "It's so beautiful that you can sigh when Sakura's picture is on the monitor. I hope that one day I will be like this, and I admire them," he said, praising each other's charm.

In the photo released together, the six members of LESSERAFIM showed off their refreshing charm in blue costumes.

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