The group Lapillus (Shanti, Shana, Yue, Bessi, Seowon, and Haeun) will release their first digital single album "HITYA!" on each music site and SNS channel at 6 p.m. today (20th).

Lapillus' debut song "HITYA!" captures the confidence and aspirations of six girls who are taking their first steps into the music industry. HITYA!, which features 808 beats and rough electric guitar sounds, expresses Lapilus' unique iconics with unique composition and explosive dance breaks that are different from established songs. Hitya!, which is reminiscent of "giddyup," an onomatopoeia when driving a horse, repeatedly appears in the hook, providing intense addiction.

It summarized the debut points of Lapilus, who introduced various teaser contents containing various charms.

● Teen Crush Performance

The most notable point is Lapillus' teen crush performance. Lapilus' intense performance in the music video teaser content released on the 18th and 19th drew attention day after day.

Lapillus expressed his confidence and aspirations for his debut with powerful group dance and charismatic facial expressions, which are hard to see in girl groups. They will deliver the message "Shine your Lapillus" to the world through an unrivaled performance of Lapillus' own color.

● six-language proficiency

Lapillus is a multinational group with three out of six members from abroad, all of whom are fluent in multiple languages. Shanti is from the Philippines and Argentina and speaks four languages: Korean, English, Tagalog and Spanish. In addition, Shana can speak Japanese and Yu can speak Chinese and English. Lapilus is expected to actively communicate with fans around the world based on the composition of members of various nationalities and multilingual skills.

● a member of the talk

Lapillus member Shanti is a former high-teen star from the Philippines and Argentina and is drawing keen attention. Shanti proved his outstanding acting skills by starring in a number of music videos even before his debut.

Shana, the leader, appeared on Mnet's "Girls Planet 999: Girls' Daejeon," which ended in October last year. Shana has risen to sixth place in the overall ranking due to her outstanding skills and bouncy charm. In addition, Shanti and Shana previously established a solid global fandom even before their debut by making an eye stamp through YouTube contents containing various daily lives. K-pop fans around the world are paying keen attention to the news of the two members' debut, drawing keen attention to Lapilus.

● "Live Emperor" Lee Seung Chul's vocal directing

Lee Seung-chul, the legendary vocalist of "Live Emperor," drew attention as a special vocal director of Lapilus' debut song "HITYA!" This is Lee Seung-chul's first dance song vocal directing since his debut. Following the performance, "HITYA!" is expected to show a different level of quality by increasing the level of completeness in vocals.

Lapillus' debut digital single album "HITYA!" will be released on each music site at 6 p.m. on the 20th.

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