Group Ive (IVE: Ahn Yu-jin, Autumn, Ray, Jang Won-young, Liz, and Iseo) became the main characters of 100 million views.

The music video for Ive's second single "LOVE DIVE," which was released on April 5, surpassed 100 million views on YouTube as of the 15th.

After his debut song "ELEVEN (Eleven)" recorded 100 million views in three months after its release, "LOVE DIVE" also exceeded 100 million views in 72 days, and Ive broke its own best record once again.

"LOVE DIVE" is a dark modern pop genre song mainly composed of addictive chorus and percussion sound, and contains an outspoken message to jump in whenever you have the courage to love.

IVE's music video, which shows the potential of the "fourth generation trend" with 100 million views, showed a fairy tale-like visual beauty by hooking the confident charm of six members who turned into the love god "Cupid."

The energetic top line, which freely moves between low and high notes on a powerful track, meets the vocals that stand out in IVE's unique color, giving a sense of twist.

In particular, various performances ranging from the point choreography "Mirror Dance" to "Diving Dance" and dance break are adding strength to the identity of Ive, the Z-generation itself, giving it fun to listen to and watch.

IVE, which has established itself as a "high-teen queen" representing the fourth generation, has completed a variety of attractions in the music video by adding six colors to the solid storyline in "LOVE DIVE."

IVE was selected as the best K-pop song and album selected by Time magazine in the U.S. for "LOVE DIVE," and proved once again that it hit the world by topping YouTube Music Week and also topping the world's largest music platform Spotify Weekly K-pop Chart.

It also killed Apple Music and Japan's Line Music at the top of various global charts right after its release. In particular, YouTube Music not only maintained the top rank for 10 consecutive weeks, but also showed the potential to recapture the top spot even after completing its activities.

"LOVE DIVE" has proved its musicality and popularity as well as its strong popularity in Korea by maintaining the top of the music charts of major domestic music sites such as Melon, Bugs, and Genie. In addition, after the end of the activity, he topped the list without appearing, achieving eight awards in music broadcasting, continuing his unrivaled presence.

IVE, which successfully completed its "LOVE DIVE" activities, is captivating global fans with its unique charm by sequentially releasing its own reality "1, 2, 3 IVE" season 2 during the hiatus.

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