Group ITZY started pre-orders today (3rd) ahead of the release of its new album "CHECKMATE".

ITZY will release its new mini-album "CHECKMATE" at 1 p.m. (0 p.m. Eastern time) on July 15 and make a spectacular comeback. JYP Entertainment started pre-orders for limited and regular classes on various online music sites at home and abroad from 1 p.m. on June 3 and heated up the heat.

According to the album preview image opened on the official SNS channel, the album includes a variety of components such as photo books, photo cards, mini folding posters, lyric paper, and stickers, and postcard sets, special cards and posters will be presented to pre-orders. On top of that, you can even see clear photo cards and limited edition cards when purchasing a limited edition.

ITZY's new album "CHECKMATE" is the first new album in about 10 months since its first full-length album "CRAZY IN LOVE" in September 2021, drawing keen expectations from global K-pop fans. In particular, on the 2nd, the promotion scheduler in the form of a chess scoresheet was unveiled, and the news of the rich teasing content schedule and the first world tour was announced, making Worldwide MIDZY (official fandom name).

Starting with performances in Seoul on Aug. 6 and 7, they will hold their first world tour in eight cities in the U.S. including Los Angeles on Oct. 26 (local time), Phoenix on Nov. 1, Dallas on Nov. 1, Houston on Nov. 3, Atlanta on Aug. 7 and Boston on Aug. 13.

In addition, with the phrase "AND MORE" in the promotion scheduler, it has announced additional venues in addition to nine regions, drawing attention from K-pop fans around the world.

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