Youngjae, who successfully completed the group GOT7, will continue his power move by releasing a solo album.

Youngjae will release his second mini-album "SUGAR" on various music sites at 6 p.m. today (21st) and resume his solo career with the title song of the same name.

Young-jae, who showed his own musical color by releasing his first mini-album "COLORS from Ars" in October last year, is expected to invite fans to the upgraded music world by participating in writing, composing and arranging all the songs in his second mini-album.

The title song "SUGAR" is a dance pop with a trendy drum with a tense guitar sound, comparing an unstoppable addictive love to "sugar." In addition, it is composed of musical styles that give a glimpse of the various charms of gifted children, including "Focus," "Crema," "Nothing," and "With You."

Young-jae, who showed off his artist's capabilities to the fullest, raises questions about what changes and growth he would have shown in this album. In particular, this album is expected to provide romantic sensibility in the middle of summer, as it contains the meaning of feeling various sweetness in various music.

Amid growing curiosity about which song would have further solidified his musical color, Young-jae directly told a colorful story about his second mini-album "SUGAR."

Q. My second mini album, "SUGAR," has been released. I think it's going to be different from your first solo album. How do you feel?

We worked hard to prepare this album, and I'm happy that it came out really well. I wanted to express my maturity musically and visually. So, unlike the album concept, I have a lot of chic vibes. Starting with these small changes, I wanted to show you various sides of Youngjae.

Q. If you could introduce your second mini album, [SUGAR]?

This album [SUGAR] is an album that means that you can feel various sweetness in various music.

Q. Following his first mini album "COLORS from Ars", "SUGAR" also participated in writing, composing, and producing all the songs. What did you focus on the most while preparing for this album?

I had to like it the most when I recorded it. So until I liked it as much as I could and until I got the results that I was satisfied with, I repeatedly recorded it.

Q. In addition to the title song "SUGAR," the album includes a total of five songs, including "Focus," "Crema," "Nothing," and "With You." What did you pay particular attention to before choosing these 5 songs?

"SUGAR" is the title song and album name, so I wanted to make it as sweet as possible. It's not just the title, but the overall atmosphere of all the songs in the album.

Q. Can you introduce your favorite lyrics or parts of the 5 songs in the album?

My favorite lyrics are "The beginning of you and me, which was like a dream, and the world that unfolded just between us." I think it's something I want to say to the fans. I wanted to talk about my fans and me from our debut until now.

Q. After the release of the album teaser contents, many responded that they felt a mature image different from before in terms of visuals. How did you feel when you saw the fans' reactions?

I'm glad and grateful that you thought so. I wanted to show it to the fans and I wanted to express it well. They caught it well, so I thought that it was our IGOT7.

Q. What kind of song is the title song "SUGAR"?

"SUGAR" is a dance pop song with a tense guitar sound and a trendy drum. Unlike the title of the sweet song, you can feel both sweetness and saltiness at the same time. I hope you can taste the song from many different directions. Please watch the music video and listen to it together^~^)

Q. Can you give a spoiler to the fans who are looking forward to "SUGAR"?

I think the point is to rip the sugar stick and spray it on the collar. It would be nice if you could take a closer look at this part.

Q. What are your plans for the future?

Not only domestic fans, but we will also meet fans from other countries in the future and have a good time.

Q. What do you want to say to your fans?

I feel good because I think I can be with my fans on the set. As much as you waited, we prepared a lot of pretty things so that we won't disappoint you, so I hope you can feel the taste of the album. Thank you and thank you again.

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