"What is more important than Khan is the evaluation of the Korean audience."

Director Park Chan-wook, who won the director award for his new film "Decided to Break Up" at the 75th Cannes International Film Festival, which closed on the 29th (Korea Standard Time), is nervous. After winning the Grand Jury Prize in 2004 (Oldboy) and the Jury Prize (Bat) in 2009, he seems to be able to avoid the sharp evaluation of the audience.

At the production presentation of "Decision To Leave" held at JW Marriott Dongdaemun Square Seoul in Jongno-gu, Seoul on the morning of the 2nd, "This movie contains many elements that only Koreans can understand." Therefore, more than any other film festival award, I am most curious about the results and the audience's reaction after the release in Korea, and I am very nervous," he expressed his honest. This is because I believe that "K Content" has gained a global status thanks to Korean audiences with "the world's best eyes and standards that are not satisfactory."

The movie "Decision To Leave," which will be released in Korea on the 29th, depicts the mysterious feelings that bloom between Park Hae-il, a detective investigating the death case, and Tang Wei, the wife of the deceased. It combines a romance genre with a detective drama that tracks the truth of the incident.

Park said it was important to maintain the balance accurately. "Some people describe it as 50 percent investigative drama and 50 percent romance movie, and I want to describe it as 100 percent investigative drama and 100 percent romance movie. This is because all the detective's work, including the process of interrogation of the case, data investigation, investigation, and undercover work, is also a love process in the movie, he explained.

The movie, which was recently judged to be watched by the age of 15, is considered completely different from director Park's previous films, which have high levels of expression of violence and exposure and love scenes. Director Park, who pointed to the two main characters in the play as "people who hide and express their feelings," said, "I wanted to let them look into what they are thinking now."

To do so, other elements that stimulated peripheral nerves had to be removed. I couldn't make the accompaniment too loud or fancy to the song sung by a delicate and soft-voiced singer," he explained.

Park Hae-il and Tang Wei drew favorable reviews for their satisfactory teamwork in the romance film, where harmony between the two main characters is important. So did the pride of the two actors.

Park Hae-il stressed, "Tang Wei was the character 'Song Seo-rae' itself in the play." He said, "I've thought that Tang Wei's mysterious expression and eyes that seem to be hiding something unknown is the best charm as an actor. I've boosted and expanded my charm to the fullest," he said.

Tang Wei praised Park Hae-il's eye acting. In fact, I couldn't clearly recognize what kind of movie it was while filming it. However, when I saw Park Hae-il's eyes in the completed movie, I thought it was a "perfect melodrama," he said. "I could feel everything from Park Hae-il's eyes." This is the best character I've ever played," he said with a smile.

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