Group CLASS:y will enter Japan with exceptional treatment.

TV Tokyo, a Japanese terrestrial broadcaster, officially announced on June 12 that "CLASS:y will appear on TV Tokyo Music Festival 2022 Summer" (hereinafter referred to as TV Tokyo Music Festival) where viewers will be met live on the 22nd.

TV Tokyo said, "CLASS:y is a perfect seven-member girl group born from Korea's mega-global audition broadcast. On my first visit to Japan, I was able to appear at a representative music festival."

CLASS:y's appearance in 'TV Tokyo Music Festival' is an unusual move. The festival has been held every year since 2014. A new Korean idol was named in the lineup of music festivals featuring only popular local singers.

It should also be noted that it is the first schedule in Japan. CLASS:y will release a Japanese version of "SHUT DOWN" single on the 22nd, the day of its appearance at the "TV Tokyo Music Festival." It proves that interest and expectations for CLASS:y are hot in the Japanese music industry and broadcasting.

This year's TV Tokyo Music Festival, starring CLASS:y, will be broadcast live for four and a half hours from 5:30 p.m. on the 22nd. Ryoko Hirosue, a famous actor in Korea, and Taichi Kokubun of Tokio, a famous group, were the MCs

Except for CLASS:y, KinKi Kids, NEWS, Hey! Say! JUMP, ABC-Z, Johnny West?Popular Japanese idol groups and singers, including ゙WWEST), have confirmed their appearance.

Meanwhile, CLASS:y is Tokyo Toyos PIT (Tokyo) for two days from 27th to 28thIt will hold its first overseas fan meeting.

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