BTS and BTS are fighting!

The group BTS alone rose to the top two candidates for "Music Bank" this week.BTS was nominated for first place in the third week of June on KBS 2TV's music program "Inkigayo," which aired on the afternoon of the 17th.

BTS will compete with him in two first place candidates with his hit song "Butter" released in May last year and his new song "Yet To Come" released on the 10th. This is an unusual confrontation on music shows.

Meanwhile, group member V posted several photos on his Instagram on the 17th. In the photo released, V is seen wearing a powerful pink shirt, a colorful necklace, gloves, and a blue jacket.

In the picture, V drew attention by matching a hot pink shirt with black slacks and a blue jacket. Wearing black see-through gloves, V created a scene from a noir movie.

V also released a picture of him holding a match in his mouth. The picture of V showing his sexy eyes aroused admiration. Many fans were impressed by V's photo, which added luxury by matching gold items.

Meanwhile, BTS, a group to which V belongs, announced the members' individual activities through a YouTube channel on the 14th. BTS's agency, Hive, said, "The BTS will start a new chapter that combines team activities and individual activities."

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