BTS V showed off his unrivaled one-top popularity by winning the top spot in Japan's famous ranking vote.

V won 17,818 votes in the K-pop male idol ranking vote of "Nehan," a popular Japanese idol ranking site, from June 13 to June 19, ranking first for 64 consecutive weeks, showing unrivaled popularity.

During the same period, V also won 13,414 votes in Japan's popular Korean actor ranking site "Bi" in his 20s, ranking first for 60 consecutive weeks, proving his expectations for "actor Kim Tae-hyung."

During the same period, V also ranked first for 19 consecutive weeks, receiving 3,674 votes in the "K-Pop Idol Flower Boy General Election" of "Kboard," which provides various information such as news of Korean entertainment.

In addition, in "K-pop Idol Popularity Ranking Top 100" of "KPOP JUICE," which deals with K-pop idol rankings and audition information, V is showing the strongest popularity by "all-kill" the first place in daily life, the entire period, and favorites.

Not only does V occupy major popularity votes in Japan, but he often appears in various media outlets, and his news is always a big topic.

Musician Miu Sakamoto, daughter of Japanese pop legend Ryuichi Sakamoto, said on his SNS account that he repeated V's part more than 50 times in the music video of BTS' new album "Yet To Come." He also praised the song, saying, "His vocal expression makes this song a completely new level."

It also appeared on the Japanese television news screen.
V's super-large outdoor advertisement, which was hosted by V's largest fan club "Baidu Bubba" at the front building of the HIVE Yongsan new building, boasted V's extraordinary popularity by broadcasting on the representative screen while delivering news about "BTS's solo activities."

During Japan's Fuji TV's BTS special broadcast, V's solo song "Singularity" performance during the "Love Yourself" concert was released, and when V was seen lying in bed and opening his eyes, the panel members cheered and realized his hot popularity.

V, who has proven his popularity with various records and enthusiastic responses, boasts an unrivaled brand power in Japan and has a strong presence as an all-around entertainer.

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