Group BTS has declared a temporary suspension of group activities nine years after its debut.

BTS posted a video titled "Real BTS Dinner" on its official YouTube channel on the 14th. In the video, BTS said it will temporarily suspend group activities, saying, "Even if we pause for a while and rest, we are moving forward for more time in the future."

Leader RM, who said, "I feel like my team was on my hands until Dynamite, but I don't know what kind of team we are from Butter and Permission to Dance," said, "It's very important to talk about and what message we send, but that's gone."

"The K-pop idol system itself does not allow people to mature. I don't have time to grow up because I have to keep filming and doing something, he said. "As a human being, I've changed a lot from 10 years ago. I think a lot, spend a lot of time alone in the back, and they have to be matured and come out as mine, but after 10 years of physical schedule with BTS, I couldn't mature," he confessed.

"I think we should function in some way in the world at a time when we are in the forefront, but I didn't give myself a chance to think about it," he said. "I don't know when our team is." I didn't know where I and my team should go in the future," he said.

He also said, "I lost my direction, and I want to come back after thinking about it, but I felt rude to talk about this. "The fans raised us, but it felt like we didn't repay them," he added.

Then Suga also said, "The lyrics, I couldn't say anything," adding, "I was squeezing it out forcibly. I really have nothing to say right now. I don't know what to say," he said.

BTS will start his solo music career in earnest, starting with member J-Hope. J-Hope said, "I think we should talk about BTS's change of tone for his personal album. It's an important part of going to Chapter 2 of BTS," he said.

RM said, "We're going to turn what we called mixtape into an album. J-Hope's content will be officially released. It's too late for each individual to express something," he said.

Jean said, "I wanted to be an actor. As I experience more things as I become an idol, I don't think I have any lingering feelings about you (actor). But you don't know about life," he told the story of his dream as an actor.

Finally, RM said, "I'm so sorry that I couldn't show you the performance that people want (this time)," but added, "I'll show you properly when we get together later." He also stressed the opinion that it is not dismantled.

BTSThe album Proof, released on the 10th, is known as an album that organizes Chapter 1, and it is interpreted that the meaning of "Cleaning Chapter 1" is taking a break from group team activities.

As BTS cited the growth of individuals who have not looked back on their team activities, expectations are high for Chapter 2 as their individual activities. On the other hand, it is analyzed that BTS's temporary suspension of group activities could have a big impact on the global music industry, considering its global popularity, although it is not a group breakup.

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