Group BTS leader RM (RM) has expressed his position that rumors of marriage are groundless.

BTS's agency Big Hit Music told Sports Seoul on the 24th that "RM's marriage rumor is groundless," adding, "We are continuously responding to malicious YouTube content."

Earlier on the 23rd, an article titled "BTS RM Marriage?" was posted on the Korean community in the U.S. In the content released by a YouTuber, author A said, "I heard an absurd story from a close brother in Korea," adding, "A seven-year-old junior who is close to his younger brother sent a Kakao message that he would soon marry RM. Of course, I didn't trust my close brother and kept asking him questions, but he answered so confidently that I was a little shaken," he said.

A also said, "The junior who is going to marry RM graduated from a prestigious university in Seoul and has a good family," adding, "It's like 2014-2015 when I started attending BTS fan meetings, and I think I've developed from a fan to a lover."

The conversation said, "I can't tell you the exact date of the wedding. That's why they're famous. Just keep it to yourself. It's still a sensitive time, and because of this and that...My partner is the leader of BTS."

Many unfounded rumors targeting celebrities are produced, and most of the reasons are that they want to be famous on SNS or to gather subscribers through YouTube to make money.

Meanwhile, BTS recently announced that it would pause team activities and start individual activities.

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