The group BLITZERS visited Pakistan for the first time as a K-pop artist and conducted an interview with local media.

BLITZERS (Jinhwa, Yuyu, Korea, Shah, Chris, Rutan, Space) appeared in the interview section of "Express News," a local news channel in Pakistan, at 10 a.m. on the 15th (local time).

"Express News," starring BLITZERS, is a program that conducts global artist interviews related to entertainment, music, and travel and broadcasts them on TV.

BLITZERS, the first K-pop idol to interview Pakistani media, thanked local media and fans in Pakistan for their enthusiastic response, saying, "Thank you for welcoming us a lot."

The fact that BLITZERS is the only K-pop group that visited Pakistan and interviewed local media drew more attention. The interview took place as local K-pop fans sent explosive interest in Blitzer's online and offline.

In particular, thanks to this interest, the number of followers of BLITZERS' various SNSs has increased significantly, further amplifying expectations for future moves.

Recently, BLITZERS hosted a live broadcast of the special event "2022 BLITIVAL" to mark the first anniversary of its debut and had an unforgettable special time with fans.

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