Astro excited 40,000 Japanese viewers.

Astro held its solo concert "The 3rd ASTROAD to JAPAN [STARGAZER]" at the Makuhari Messe International Exhibition Hall in Japan on June 3 and 4 and met with 40,000 fans.

Astro, which finished its concert in Seoul last month, also colored the islands with fresh energy in Japan. Fans who showed enthusiastic responses to Astro early by selling out all the seats gave greater support at the main performance.

Starting with the title song "ONE" from the 2nd full-length album, ASTRO opened the concert with a personal greeting. "It's been a while. I missed you." I sent a message to many fans. "It's been almost four years since I came to Japan for a concert. The theme of the concert is Astronomers Looking at the Stars. I prepared the VCR video like a movie, but I wonder if you enjoyed it," he said, creating a performance that communicates with the audience from the beginning.

Above all, Astro's live and performance gave an impression beyond borders and languages. They performed various performances by presenting not only the relay of Astro's representative songs such as "When Calling My Name," "Crazy Sexy Cool," and "Should've Hold On," which are loved by global fans, but also the stage of "ALL GOOD," which was very popular as a Japanese drama OST. Fans who have been waiting for the meeting with Astro for a long time have attracted the eyes and ears of the audience by continuing their hot performances with overflowing energy.

Astro, which released the members' solo songs, the performances of unit groups Moonbin & Sanha and JinJin & Rocky, and Cha Eun-woo's solo performances with Yoon San-ha, showed off their refreshing energy by performing "Candy Sugar Pop" and "After Midnight." Astro, who once again appeared on stage at the hot encore request, approached the audience and continued the concert's fever until the end. Just as Cha Eun-woo said earlier, "The best stage is for fans to like it," Astro performed a more brilliant stage with fans.

For Japanese fans who met after a long time, ASTRO greeted them in Japanese and conducted customized communication to suit their reputation as a "global refreshing idol." Moon said, "It's nice to be able to perform in front of so many fans. Thank you and I love you," Rocky said. "It's a hard-prepared performance. Thank you for clapping so well." Cha Eun-woo said, "Thank you for coming to ASTRO's concert even on a rainy day. "I saw you secretly first, and it was cute and overwhelming," he said, expressing his delicate love for fans. Jin-jin said, "I was touched to see you fill the big concert hall. Thank you for making us singers who can have solo concerts here. I like you a lot," he said. Finally, Yoon San-ha also said, "Thank you so much," and finished the performance with both emotion and laughter.

Astro is loved not only in Korea but also around the world, including Japan, by conducting various activities based on its unique refreshing charm. It recently released its third full-length album "Drive to the Starry Road" in Korea and topped iTunes' top songs and top album charts in 19 regions, including Japan, with its title song "Candy Sugar Pop".

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