At the news of the temporary suspension of group BTS's group activities, "ARMY" (BTS fan club) around the world expressed regret and delivered a message of support. Foreign media also rushed to report.

ARMY delivered news about BTS' suspension of activities in English, Chinese, and Spanish, and BTS posted more than 10 million views on the YouTube video in a day on the night of the 14th, with nearly 100,000 comments.

Fans said, "I'm crying and my heart is empty, but I'm rooting for you because you're going in the best direction," and "The courage to make this choice at the top is cool." We are also looking forward to individual activities that can demonstrate their individual capabilities according to their individuality," he/she left a comment.

"The conclusion is that I will end Chapter 1 and do my personal activities as Chapter 2, but what can I say?" a fan who said on social network service (SNS) and wrote, "I just want to hug you once."

Another fan said, "I knew this moment would come, but I didn't know it would be today," adding, "The name BTS will continue with the name ARMY like an indelible 'tattoo'." A U.S. fan who likes member Jimin wrote on Twitter, "I have a lot to say, but I don't know what to do," adding, "I will support all the members until our 'Spring Day' comes again."

Leading foreign media also reported related news in unison. The Washington Post in the U.S. said, "BTS's declaration of temporary suspension of group activities is a huge shock to fans, but there is hope," and conveyed the members' remarks that the group was not disbanded. The New York Times reported, "The seven members of BTS, who have been together for nearly 10 years, are trying to have their own time for the time being," focusing on their solo activities plan.

Billboard said, "It's hard news for ARMY, but it doesn't mean the end of BTS," expressing fans' reactions to waiting for BTS to return to their group activities. BBC reported under the title, "BTS has decided to announce a break to grow and move on to a solo project," and AP and Reuters introduced BTS' activities in response to COVID-19 and hate crimes, including speeches at the U.N. General Assembly and meetings with U.S. President Joe Biden.

Japanese cultural columnist Soichiro Matsutani said, "There is a military service problem behind the temporary suspension of group activities. If the Korean National Assembly and society do not solve this problem properly, there is a possibility that Korea will lose its soft power."

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