Hahoe Village is a town that has been in the international media since 1999 when Queen Elizabeth of England and President Bush visited in 2005.

"Jingbirok" and Hahoe mask, the sashimi of Ryu Seong-ryong's Imjin War, are designated as national treasures, and there are four treasures, 10 important folk materials, and one historical site, and in 1984, the entire village was designated as important folk materials.Byeolsingut Talnori, known as Hahoe Mask Dance, is an important intangible cultural property that was performed to entertain Seonangsin.

It is the oldest mask dance in Korea, and was forcibly stopped during the Japanese deduction period in 1928, but was later restored. The playground consists of eight yards, including Mudong Madang, Jujou Madang, Baekjeong Madang, Halmi Madang, Pagye Seung Madang, Yangban and Seonbi Madang, Wedding Madang, and Sinbang Madang. Only nine masks of Gaksi, Jung, Yangban, Seonbi, Chorangi, Imae, Bunae, Baekjeong, and Halmi, which are national treasures, are now passed down, and three of them have been lost.

Andong Hahoe Village is a famous Korean folk village that needs no more explanation. Hahoe Village, where the Nakdonggang River winds around the village and forms a Muldol Village, is a clan village of Pungsan Ryu Clan, and 70% of the villagers are still Ryu Clan.

It is said that it was about 600 years ago that Pungsan Ryu Clan settled here, and before Ryu settled down, Heo and Ahn came here first and lived there.

According to oral tradition, it is said that the producer of Hahoe mask is Heo Do-ryeong in the middle of Goryeo Dynasty, and it is said that Heo Jeong-seung's tomb is located in Gwangdeok-dong across the river from Hahoe Village, and the Ryu family mows it every year.

In Hahoe Village, there is a saying, "In front of Heo's house, An's gate, and Ryu's Baepan," which is said to have driven the natives, and when a daughter of the An's family went to the Ryu's family, the energy of the An's family led to the Ryu's only grandson.

Among the old houses of Hahoe Village, the Ipam old house called Yangjindang is a treasure of the Pungsan Ryu Clan and the Daejong house of Ampa. Sarangchae has the architectural style of the Goryeo Dynasty, and Anchae is an old house where the architectural styles of Goryeo and Joseon coexist.

Hahoe Village, another treasure, Chunghyodang, was built by Seoae's literary students with the help of Ryu Won-ji, their eldest son, as a treasure, and is an old house in the style of a great-grandson during the Joseon Dynasty. In the outer yard of Chunghyodang, there is a tree to commemorate the visit of Queen Elizabeth II.

In addition, Hahoe Village has many attractions such as Gwichon House, the head house of Pungsan Ryu's Gwichonpa, Bukchon House, another 99-kan house, Namchon House, Byeongsanseowon Confucian Academy, Hwacheonseowon Confucian Academy, and Toegye Lee Hwang's handwriting.Hahoe Village is also a regular filming location for movies and dramas.

Famous films that could decorate Korean film history, such as the scandal starring Bae Yong-joon, the YMCA baseball team, and the Korean Peninsula, were filmed against the backdrop of Hahoe Village here. This may be because the old traditional appearance is well preserved so that no other set is needed.

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