Metabus girl group aespa successfully held its first solo showcase with 10,000 audiences in LA, the U.S.

According to his agency SM Entertainment on the 28th, aespa hosted the showcase "aespa Showcase SYNK in LA" at the YouTube Theater in LA for two days from June 26-27.

The showcase was originally scheduled on the 26th, and all seats were sold out at high speed as soon as the ticket was opened, and additional performances were held on the 27th, and about 10,000 local music fans visited.

In the performance, aespa performed a variety of hit songs such as "Black Mamba" (Black Mamba), "Next Level" and "Savage", as well as the first mini-album "aenergy" and "Lucid Dream" (Lucid Dream) released on July 8.

Audiences not only stand up from the opening stage of "aenergy," but also are enthusiastic about the members' performances with "singing together" and "dancing together," filling the concert hall with shouts. On the "Life's Too Short" stage, they sent great love and support for Espa with explosive response, such as creating a stage where they became one with Espa through a cell phone light event.

In addition, the audience watched the second episode of Aespa's SMCU worldview video, "Next Level," which was released as an opening video on the 20th, showing high interest in Espa's worldview. Aespa explained, "Aespa has a worldview that 'you meet your other self, avatar, and experience a new world,' and you can check various stories of this worldview through our videos and songs."

In addition, at the end of the performance, Aespa said, "This is the first face-to-face performance under the name of Espa," adding, "Of course, I could feel your love even when we couldn't meet, but listening to the cheering voice in person seems to be a different level of experience."

Aespa, who worked closely with the audience through various corners such as Q&A talk, TikTok Challenge with fans, and the release of each member's playlist, was at the Korean fan meeting "MY SYNK. aespa" on July 30. Espa), which will continue to meet with global fans through the Japanese showcase "espa JAPAN PREMIUM SHOWCASE 2022~SYNK~" (Espa Japan Premium Showcase 2022~Sink~) on August 6-7.

Aespa will release its second mini album "Girls" in Korea and the United States simultaneously on July 8.

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