The War Memorial Hall is a national museum located in 29 Itaewon-ro, Yongsan-gu, Seoul.The museum was built on a surplus site when the Korean Army Headquarters moved to Gyeryongdae, Chungcheongnam-do in 1989, and was originally scheduled to start construction in September 1990 and be completed in May 1993, but it was actually constructed in 1991 and opened on June 10, 1994.

There is some controversy over the name. In fact, it is a memorial because it has a memory in its name, but it has a close meaning to memorializing the eomgamsang. However, it is only a consumptive debate caused by the gap between real-life usage and dictionary meaning, as "not forgetting any meaningful event or character for a long time and keeping it in mind" is the main meaning of celebration.

Still, there was a lot of controversy, so the name was changed to the War Museum, but it was concluded that the current name would be maintained as it was due to the high opinion of favoring the current name.

It is Asia's largest museum of war weapons, so there are many foreign visitors.Unexpectedly, many Japanese high schools come to see the event as a group. There are also many Chinese and Western visitors.

In fact, there are many more visitors from China and Japan (mainly travel agencies or students' group tours) than Korean visitors. In the case of Westerners, it is often seen that the U.S. Forces Korea, their families, and colleagues come to see the Yongsan Garrison right next to them.

In addition, soldiers who come to see the group in terms of education for emotional training can often be seen. In addition, it is sometimes seen that soldiers from other countries, not the U.S. military, wear military uniforms. Veterans grandfathers also visit a lot for research on historical materials and other reasons.

Korea went through a war called the Korean War only 70 years ago. This occurred only five years after independence from the Japanese colony, and this war devastated everything in Korea.

The reason why the Korean War feels sadder to Koreans is that it was a war in which the same people died and killed each other because of different ideologies.

The Yongsan War Memorial displays detailed records and materials of the Korean War, including weapons used at the time, damage from the war, and the process of post-war recovery.

The reason for displaying so many records and materials about the war and allowing many people to watch it may be because they hope that there will never be a tragic war again.

The Yongsan War Memorial is located in the heart of Seoul, so you can easily visit anywhere in Seoul by public transportation.

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