The 23rd Jeonju International Film Festival held an award ceremony at Jeonju City Hall on the 4th and announced this year's award-winning film. A total of 20 award-winning works were selected in the categories of international competition, Korean competition, and Korean short competition.

Actor Park Ha-sun, programmer of the Andrey Turner Sesscu Bill News International Film Festival, honorary professor Joo Jin-sook of Chung-Ang University, director Chang, director Clarissa Navas, director Koo Jung-ah, programmer of the San Sebastian Film Festival, actress Gong Seung-yeon, director Ben Russell, director of the film festival.

At the 23rd Jeonju International Film Festival awards ceremony held at Jeonju Dome, many judges, directors, actors, and audiences attended, including Kim Seung-soo, chairman of the organizing committee, Lee Joon-dong.

Prior to the full-fledged awards ceremony, Kim Seung-soo, chairman of the organizing committee, said, "We will cultivate the film festival so that many filmmakers can feel proud to submit and win the Jeonju International Film Festival." The winners of 16 categories were then announced, including the International Competition, the Korean Competition, and the Korean Short Competition, as well as the Net Pack Award presented by the Asian Film Promotion Organization (NETPAC).

Kim Seung-soo, chairman of the organizing committee, awarded the grand prize in the international competition category that marked the end of the day. Earlier, domestic and foreign filmmakers who won the award expressed their gratitude for the Jeonju International Film Festival and the hospitality of Jeonju residents. Kim Seung-soo, chairman of the organizing committee, said, "I'm rather grateful that you felt a warm heart while staying in Jeonju. I hope you have a good memory in Jeonju," he replied.

Then the honor of winning the grand prize in the international competition category went to director Jacqueline Mills' "Geography of Solitude." Director Jacqueline Mills, who expressed her feelings through programmer Moon Sung-kyung, introduced it as a simple and comfortable movie like home-cooked meal, and said, "I also focused on each frame, just as environmental activist Joey Lucas treated each sand preciously. Thank you for giving me the opportunity to present this movie."

Cyril Shoiblin's "Anarchist of the Clock Factory" won the award for his work, while Hafu Miari's "The Kurds in Tokyo" and Anais Tarasena's "Silence of Spy" won a special judge's award. "I'm happy to make a movie about an inconspicuous, Kurdish refugee story," director Huamari said, and Guatemalan director Anais Tarasena said, "I hope this award will have a good influence on the Guatemalan film industry, which is smaller than Korea."

Director Jung Ji-hye's "Jung Soon" won the grand prize in the Korean competition category. When coach Jung Ji-hye was called, hot cheers from officials broke out in Jeonju Island, and coach Jung Ji-hye shed tears of emotion. Later, he took to the stage and said, "I wondered if I was qualified to write this story while writing a scenario. "It's a small movie, so I'll give credit to the actors and the production team who suffered a lot," he said.

The actress award was won by Oh Min-ae of "Yoon Si-na has disappeared" and Ok Ja-yeon of "Archeology of Love." Oh Min-ae said, "I became the main character of a feature film for the first time in 23 years. Thank you to the director who gave me the opportunity," he said, touching the audience by reciting the names of the actors he was with and those who were waiting for a new opportunity.

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