PSY is showing a hot influence on music charts at home and abroad with its title song "That That" from its 9th full-length album.

Psy's title track "That That (prod. & feat. SUGA of BTS)" from his 9th full-length album "Cheap 9" has topped the daily charts of Genie and Bugs, the FLO 24-hour chart, and the latest chart within 4 weeks of Melon's release.

In addition, it quickly surpassed 13 million streams on Spotify, captivating global listeners' tastes. "That That That" is the sixth song to achieve 10 million Spotify streaming among Psy's songs. Psy also ranked at the top of the weekly global top song chart in Spotify and the top album chart in USA.

The "That That" music video also surpassed 82 million views on YouTube in six days, maintaining its No. 1 position in "Popular Music" on YouTube. Additionally, Suzy's "Celeb" music video and "Now (Feat. Hwasa)" performance video with Hwasa exceeded 9 million views in 42 hours and 3.7 million views in 18 hours, respectively, making it on the "Popular Music" chart.

Also, Psy is on variety shows 'Knowing Bros', 'Comedy Big League', 'My Little Old Boy', 'Radio Star', and contents 'Jessie's Show!Clip videos appearing such as "Terview" and "Killing Verses" also recorded high views every time, showing extraordinary popularity.

On this day, Psy will also catch the attention of music fans with his addictive performance of "That That." An official performance video of "That That" will be released at 6 p.m. on the same day, and Psy will also perform a comeback stage of "That That" on a spectacular scale on Mnet's music program "M Countdown."

Since the release of "Sada 9," Psy has been on KBS 2TV's "Music Bank" and MBC's "Show!" The ending was decorated with a different stage on music shows such as "Music Core" and SBS "Inkigayo." Especially on "Music Bank", KBS, the plaza, and "Show!" During "Music Core," various places such as MBC's waiting room attractions and SBS news studios were used as the stage in "Inkigayo" In the meantime, attention is being paid to what scale Psy will perform in "M Countdown."

On the 4th, a live performance of "That That" was performed at a university festival, and many students' "singing together" and "dancing together" made them realize the hot atmosphere of the site.

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