OH MY GIRL successfully wrapped up its 7th anniversary fan meeting.

OH MY GIRL made unforgettable memories with the 7th anniversary of the founding of "Miracle International" held at the auditorium of the Donghae Culture and Arts Center at Kwangwoon University on the 30th. In particular, as it was held to mark the 7th anniversary of its debut, it held two consecutive performances in a day and met more fans.

At the concert, Oh My Girl, who appeared as a career woman, opened the door wide with her welcome greeting with her debut song "CUPID." OH MY GIRL, who expressed her overwhelming feelings for a face-to-face performance after a long time, transformed into an unrivaled concept that was nowhere to be seen, and communicated with the audience by sharing pleasant talks with office workers.

In the ensuing stage, it raised the heat further with various active songs that were loved by fans. In particular, the stage of "Flower Tea" and "Dear You" in the first round and "Swan" and "Real World" in the second round were composed differently to add richness.

In addition, he also presented solo and unit performances specially prepared for this fan meeting. Along with the concept's storytelling, 2PM's "My House," Hyuna & Dunn's "PING PONG," Son Dam-bi's "Crazy," Beenzino's "Break," Dynamic Duo's "Guilty," and Kwon Jin-ah's "Fly Away" showed unexpected charms.

In addition, various corners and games were held to provide more colorful attractions. Last year, it led the show with the best of its kind, "One Step and Two Steps," "PLAYGROUND," which was filled with OH MY GIRL's energy, "Guerilla," which was arranged into a rock version, and the recent second full-length album "Drip" and title song "Real Love."

At the end of the performance, Oh My Girl said, "Listening to Miracle's (official fan club name) loud, the frustration and regret of staying for three years were relieved at once. I'm very happy at this moment, and I'm very happy to think that only happy things remain. Thank you so much for being there for three years without change. Let's stay together forever."

In addition, he said, "In fact, as it became rare to meet fans in person and perform, I was very nervous unlike usual. But when we came up, we felt so reassured that Miracle was there. Thanks to you, I live every day feeling like I'm not alone," he said, expressing his passion for fans.

Also, "I don't usually have a hoarse voice, but I have a hoarse voice today. All the driving forces that I was able to sing so passionately are Miracle, he said. "Although I started because I liked the song, I used to dream of seemingly good things before my debut. However, since I met Miracle after my debut, all I could think about was, "Let's be singers who protect our people." I will continue to work hard to become a singer who Miracle can like without worrying," he added. In the first part, "Dear Rose," "B612," in the second part, "Etoile (Korean version)" and "Krystal" left the impression of the encore stage, marking the finale of the performance.

Meanwhile, OH MY GIRL, which successfully wrapped up its 7th anniversary fan meeting "Miracle International" by its marketing team, will continue its activities in various fields, including entertainment, broadcasting, acting and radio, in addition to music.

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