Insadong in Seoul is a must-visit place for foreign tourists. This is because it is located in the center of Seoul, so it is convenient to visit and you can see everything about Korean traditional culture.

Insadong is a precious space where old but precious traditional items are exchanged in the city center. In Insa-dong, Saisai alleys are intertwined like a maze around a large boulevard.

In the maze, galleries, traditional craft shops, antique shops, traditional teahouses, traditional restaurants, and cafes are concentrated. In particular, stores in Insa-dong are very popular not only for young people but also for middle-aged people with their unique style.

Among them, the gallery is the center that has continued the vein of Insa-dong.There are about 100 galleries concentrated here, and you can enjoy various exhibitions from Korean painting to engraving and sculpture. Representative galleries include Hakgojae, which played a central role in folk art, Ghana Gallery, which was the home of talented artists, and Ghana Art Center.

If you want to choose only the famous galleries in Insadong and enjoy them comfortably, use the museum's Sunhwa bus. You can look around 10 famous galleries at a low price.
It is a traditional tea house and restaurant that fill Insadong Street with galleries.

It's hard to find at first, but it's very fun to look around the alley like taking a walk. Among them, the representative attraction is Gwicheon, a traditional tea house.Gwicheon is a traditional tea house run by the wife of the late poet Cheon Sang-byeong, and although the interior is very small, it is a place where you can access books and photos of the poet at that time. Quince tea is popular because it has the best scent, and even now, it is a place where famous people visit.

Insa-dong was designated as a car-free street every Saturday and Sunday and reborn as a cultural space with citizens. On this day, not only existing stores but also traditional performances and exhibitions, as well as grandfathers who watch taffy, fortune-telling, and harmony will be accompanied on the street. It is foreigners from all over the world who seek pleasure in this.

Foreign tourists who visit to see Korean traditional culture look at antiquities or buy Gomisul at traditional stores. And buy taffy on the street and eat traditional pajeon. You can also see many foreigners who are immersed in the traditional style of the city center.

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