YG Entertainment posted iKON's fourth mini-album [FLASHBACK] sampler on its official SNS on the 1st.

Among the six songs on the album, the video, which allows you to listen to some of the new songs in advance, was the first to catch the ears of music fans by containing the chorus section of the title song "BUT YOU." This song is a synth wave genre that reinterprets 1980s pop music with modern sounds. YG explained that it is an impressive song with a retro mood that iKON has never tried before and lyrics that confesses its longing for a lover who broke up.

"DRAGON," which Bobby wrote alone and participated in composing with Kim Jin-hwan and Kim Dong-hyuk, is a song that shows iKON's unique strong music and confidence in its colorful stage. It likened an icon to a dragon, an imaginary animal that appears in myths and legends and a symbol of divine power.

"FOR REAL?" is a medium tempo song that expresses admiration for a loved one in a cute and witty way. With rhythmical drums and guitars, hook points that hover in the ear are attractive.

WINNER Kang Seung-yoon's song "GOLD," which was presented to iKON by adding strength to the lyrics and composition, raised the excitement index of listeners with sweet lyrics such as "I don't need you when I'm with you" and "I'll give you my Friday."

"Your Name (NAME)" is a pop ballad that leaves a deep impression of iKON's more mature vocals and mournful emotions. The harmony of iKON members expressed their feelings of calling the name of a person who they cannot forget but have to send.

Meanwhile, iKON's fourth mini-album "FLASHBACK" will be released on May 3rd at 6 p.m. The physical album, which will be released on May 10, includes a total of six songs, including "ATEEASE," written and composed by WINNER Song Min-ho, and the members meet their fans first with "Countdown Live," which will be held on iKON's YouTube channel an hour before their comeback.

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