Gomtang is a soup that is boiled with ingredients in each part of the cow. It is also called Gomguk. Here, "gom" means "boiled" bones or meat for a long time.

There is also a joke that "gom" in Korean means bear, so it is a soup made by boiling bear meat. But Gomtang is made using beef, not bear meat.

Gomtang is one of the foods that requires a lot of time and effort because it needs to be cooked for a long time to taste the true taste. Because of this, Koreans think that Gomtang is a healthy food.

In the past, many Korean families cooked this Gomtang themselves and ate it with their families. My mother bought beef bones and beef at the butcher's shop, boiled it for several hours at home, made Gomtang, and boiled it again at every meal.

Therefore, when I see Gomtang, I naturally think of my mother. Now Gomtang is a little difficult to cook at home. There is a problem that you have to boil it with care for many hours, and it is difficult to keep looking at it, so you just buy it at a restaurant and eat it.

Another pleasure of eating Gomtang is that you can dip well-cooked meat in mustard sauce. The well-cooked meat is very soft, so it is easy to eat, and if you add mustard sauce to it, you can taste the flavor of the meat.

Koreans like to eat rice with soup or soup, and Gomtang is a representative food that is good to eat with rice. Rice tastes different and feels different when you eat it with side dishes, and when you put it with soup.

Gomtang is a food that can be eaten anywhere in Korea, and among them, it is famous for Gomtang, which is delicious in Naju. Naju is a city located in the southwest of the Korean Peninsula, and in the past, there was a cattle market nearby, so it is said that Gomtang, which uses beef, developed.

Naju Gomtang can be seen not only in Naju but also in Seoul, because Naju is famous for Gomtang.

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