Group Golden Child (Golden Child, Lee Dae-yeol, Y Lee Jang-joon, TAG, Bae Seung-min, Bong Jae-hyun, Kim Dong-hyun, Hong Joo-chan, and Choi Bo-min) successfully held their second single showcase in Japan.

Golden Child held a showcase to commemorate the release of Japan's second single "RATA-TAT-TAT" at the Maihama Amphitheater in Japan on the 30th and 1st of last month.

Golden Child opened its showcase splendidly with the Japanese version of the Japanese debut single "AWOO!!" released in January and the title song "Burn It."

Golden Child was excited about Japan's first face-to-face showcase. "I missed you so much. I prepared hard for today, so I hope you enjoy it as much as you want, and please look forward to it," he said, expressing his happy thoughts on the comeback.

Golden Child also expressed its gratitude to fans, saying, "I received a great gift thanks to Goldenness (the official fan club of Golden Child), so I will work harder to return it to you."

The members then introduced their recent status and played a game of choice. Golden Child not only showed witty talk and strong teamwork, but also actively communicated with local fans with excellent Japanese skills, raising the heat of the showcase.

In particular, Golden Child said, "RATA-TAT-TAT" is a song that expresses constantly challenging and challenging and not giving up until the door opens. I think it would be good to listen to this song when you are tired of trying," he said, introducing his second Japanese single "RATA-TAT-TAT."

Following the introduction of the new song, Golden Child released the stage of Japan's second single "Lata-Blam-Blam" for the first time at the showcase, which fixed its eyes. Golden Child's reliable and powerful performance filled the stage and perfectly proved the existence of a "complete idol."

Golden Child, which successfully wrapped up its showcase amid explosive response from local fans, will release its second single "RATA-TAT-TAT" in Japan on the 11th and make a full-fledged global performance.

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