"Dr. Strange is an epic."

British actor Benedict Cumberbatch (46), famous for movies and dramas such as "Sherlock," "Power of Dog" and "Imitation Game," has returned with his new film "Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness." It is a sequel to a monumental work that introduced the concept of "Multiverse" in the first movie six years ago and a masterpiece that expands the Marvel worldview.

In the morning of the 2nd, Cumberbatch held a video meeting with the Korean media and said, "This movie will open a new chapter of Marvel," adding, "I hope you enjoy the beautiful multiverse that unfolds in front of you."

To understand the Marvel character Doctor Strange, you have to go back to the 2016 movie 'Doctor Strange'. "Genius" neurosurgeon Stephen Strange is in an unexpected car accident while driving a Lamborghini in style. As major surgery linking broken nerves and ligaments is also useless, Strange goes out to find a wise man in Nepal who believes that "spirit dominates the body."

There, he learns that "the world is not one, and several spaces are composed like parallel universes." Having mastered magic with his natural genius, he moves on a multiverse and saves others.

This new work depicts the endless cracking dimension and the strain that confronts the chaos that came after the tangled multiverse was opened.

Regarding the film, Cumberbatch said, "Moving a multibus is a journey. I use a tool called Multiverse to show various versions of myself and visually experience how the results are made according to choices and decisions, he said. "It was an interesting experience while playing myself as an actor."

Strange, who was a character who flattered the surrounding characters, finds a "balance" between his will and the good will of others over time. Cumberbatch described Strange as a "multi-layered figure."

Cumberbatch said, "He was full of hubris and stubbornness, but he slowly sacrifices himself for the world and others. "The confidence that 'only I can do it' was his strength, but it was also a weakness that made him weaker," he said. "The evolution of Dr. Strange is another thing to see in this movie."

Cumberbatch, who quoted poet Walt Whitman's poem, also metaphorically said, "There are many layers of human beings," adding, "People have many aspects that are determined by relationships, such as father, son, student, or professor. The multi-bus movie contains our questions about this multi-layered world," he added.

Cumberbatch mentioned another character in the film, 'America Chavez.' "America Chavez, played by Sochi Gomez, who just turned 16 today, has the ability to create and move a multiverse portal," he said confidently. "In particular, Chavez symbolizes Marvel's diversity and inclusion in that he is a representative character of LGBTQ."

Dr. Strange's magic made it possible to see three Spider-Man gather together in the movie "Spider-Man: No Way Home," which drew 7.55 million domestic audiences even during the COVID-19 incident in December last year. Cumberbatch said, "For six years, Dr. Strange has appeared in six films, and as you've seen, there's been a lot going on. I'm very happy to meet a Korean audience with my second movie, he said. "Korea has the best directors and actors in the world. If I have a chance, I want to appear in Korean movies, too," he said with a smile.

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