MONSTA X successfully wrapped up its first face-to-face fan concert in three years.

MONSTA X held the "2022 MONSTA X 6th MONBEBE (Official Fan Club) FanCon MX Agent" from the 29th of last month to May 1st and met with fans. It proved its popularity by selling out all seats at the same time as the opening of the fan concert for three days.

The last performance on May 1 was also broadcast live around the world online through My Music Test, relieving the fans' disappointment of not being able to be with them on the spot. As this fan concert is the first face-to-face fan concert in more than three years since the 2020 fan concert [MX HOME PARTY], it has been filled with more special times for both artists and fans.

First of all, MONSTA X decorated the opening with "Ride With You" and "You Frableum" and shared their first greetings with fans. He also recalled memories of his early debut by showing "Blue Moon," "Shall I Be Honest," "I Need You," and "In Time." In addition, he captivated fans by performing the title track "Love" from his new mini-album "Shape of Love" as well as a number of other tracks.

In addition, through various corners with MONBEBE, we communicated more candidly than ever. In particular, on the second day of the concert, Shownu, who is serving in the military, visited the concert hall for a holiday and impressed both the members and fans.

In the three-day concert, the members generously expressed their infinite love for MONBEBE. Minhyuk said, "I feel like I've been able to relieve my resentment through this fan concert. I hope MONBEBE will think that we were really happy throughout the concert," he said sincerely.

In particular, Hyung-won, who was giving his last greeting, could not speak for a moment as if he were overwhelmed with emotion. "Looking at MONBEBE, I think I've been worried for no reason. I was so happy at the fan concert for 3 days. I'll continue to show you good performances, so I hope you'll always be as bright and strong as you are now," he added. MONBEBE also responded with "I love you" throughout, creating a warm atmosphere.

Lastly, MONSTA X presented the best energy that never gets tired to the end by setting up an encore stage thanks to MONBEBE's support for "Auto-ban," "ZONE," "Fallin' Down" and "I Love You."

After the fan concert, MONSTA X said through their agency, "We are blessed to be loved while doing what we like. The new song "Love" was also made for MONSTA X and MONBEBE. We will do our best to expand our energy around the world," he said. "As I spend every moment with my fans, I feel like a family. I'm thankful to MONBEBE for protecting our precious moments."

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