Yerin, a former girlfriend of the group, is preparing for a solo album.

On April 15, an official from Yerin's agency Servraim told NewsN that "Yerin is preparing a solo album with the aim of releasing it in mid-May."

This album is all the more meaningful as it is Yerin's solo album seven years after her debut and an album that she released after ending her girlfriend's activities in May last year.

Yerin debuted as a group girlfriend in 2015 and was loved for a number of hits, including "Glass Bead," "Me From Today," "Rough," "You And Me," and "Night," and officially disbanded in May last year. At the time, Yerin said, "I was able to come this far without getting tired because I had Buddy (girlfriend fandom). I will not forget this time and work hard in the future," he said.

Since then, Yerin, who signed an exclusive contract with Subraim, has appeared on MBC's "Extreme Debut Wilddol" and MBN's "Matching Headquarters."

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