Netflix's "Yaksha" has released famous scenes and famous lines that have been receiving enthusiastic responses from viewers since its release.

The spy action film "Yaksha," which depicts a breathtaking battle between NIS secret operations team led by "Yaksha" and intelligence agents from around the world, has drawn explosive reactions in Shenyang, China, with overwhelming scale, colorful attractions and breathtaking actions in exotic spaces.

1. The Struggling Action to Catch the Mole of Yaksha 'Jigangin'

The first famous scene that captured the hearts of viewers is the intense action scene of "Ji Kang-in" (Seol Kyung-gu), which marks the beginning of "Yaksha." This scene, which features real car action on Hong Kong's night streets and the nocturnal charm of Ji Kang-in, a spy in the team, who goes straight to catch the so-called "mole," makes viewers fall into the movie at once.

The harsh bare-body action that continues without breathing, the chase with the Chinese public security, and the appearance of "Ji Kang-in," who slowly disappears into the crowd, leaving them out, makes us more curious about the future story. The opening scene, which is so intense that director Na Hyun said, "The first appearance scene of "Ji Kang-in" is like a trailer of "Yaksha," shows the true nature of the spy action film and raises expectations.

2. "Justice is justice" vs "Justice is justice at all costs"

The second is scenes where the purpose of keeping justice is the same, but the process and method stand out, Yacha "Ji Kang-in" and special inspection prosecutor "Han Ji-hoon" (Park Hae-soo). For their mission, "Ji Kang-in" and "Han Ji-hoon," who value principles regardless of means, often clash in everything, but the two gradually understand each other and become a team.

As soon as they get in the car together for the operation, Ji Kang-in's line to Han Ji-hoon, who nags "Ji Kang-in," saying, "You remind me of the white Nike that the class president wore when I was in school," evokes laughter. The conversation between the two in the play adds fun to the play by giving viewers a small laugh even during tense spy operations. The lines of Han Ji-hoon and Ji Kang-in, who say, "Justice must be kept justly," are famous lines that reveal each character's beliefs, doubling the curiosity about how the two will transform into each other.

3. From gun action to explosive scenes of overwhelming scale,

The last one is a variety of attractions that fill up the running time. First of all, the colorful and diverse actions played against the backdrop of Shenyang, an exotic space, are receiving enthusiastic responses, entertaining viewers' eyes and ears.The actions that reveal each personality, including the black team's synchronized gun action and tactics led by Yaksha "Ji Kang-in," and bare-body action that feels as if power and power collide, made it impossible to take your eyes off for a moment.

With realism at the top of the list, the scene of guns using real guns and terror bombs, which are 100% realistic, car actions taken while maintaining speed, and large-scale explosions produced using gunpowder that is considered one of the best in history. The huge scale of action scenes that have not been seen in Korean films has opened a new era of spy action movies, providing viewers with thrilling catharsis.

Director Na-hyun's upgraded spy action film "Yaksha," which captures the breathtaking neck-and-neck race of spies from around the world and the hot synergy presented by unique actors, is streaming on Netflix.

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