Group Winner will hold the "2022 Concert [THE CIRCLE]" at the Olympic Hall in Seoul Olympic Park today (30th) and tomorrow (1st) to meet fans.

As it is the first concert in about two years, WINNER heralded attracting fans with a stage full of affection for "INNER CIRCLE."

As an artist of "Live Restaurant," he focused on the quality of his music. He arranged all the songs in harmony with the band sessions that showed the best combination on the world tour. It is expected that rich sound and colorful stage equipment will maximize performance satisfaction.

Many special performances have also been prepared. It is expected that Kim Jin-woo and Lee Seung-hoon will be able to see the performance of the title song of their third full-length album "REMEMBER" for the first time, which was presented to fans with the meaning of "Let's remember each other" before fulfilling their military duties. In addition, WINNER plans to fill the concert with various stages, including solo performances by the members.

WINNER said, "We planned the concert with the greatest emphasis on communication with our fans. It will be fun to find the hidden "CIRCLE" elements from the set list to the stage setting. Please look forward to it."

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