Actress Yoon Yeo-jung wrote a new history with the movie "Minari" (director Jeong Isak). At the 93rd Academy Awards held last year, the best supporting actress award he received for the movie "Minari" was the first Academy Award that "Korean Actor" received. Director Bong Joon-ho's "Parasite" received the best picture, director, screenplay, and international feature film awards for the first time in Korean films, but the actors' awards failed, causing regret.

Mina, a low-budget independent film in the U.S., which cost $2 million (about 2.4 billion won), became one of the main works of Oscar Race the following year in recognition of the director's light yet touching directing skills and outstanding acting skills of famous actors such as Yoon Yeo-jung, Steven Yeon, and Han Ye-ri. A spectacular procession of water shows the power of "Minari." After winning the Grand Prize at the 2020 Sundas Film Festival, she won more than 90 awards at awards and film festivals around the world, including the 2021 Golden Globe Best Foreign Language Film, the British Academy Award for Best Supporting Actress, and the American Actor Association (SAG).

"Minari" was, above all, a work of Yoon Yeo-jung's contribution. Despite the low-budget movie, Yoon Yeo-jung, who was moved by the authenticity of the scenario, decided to appear, and this choice of a famous actor added a special weight to the movie. In an interview conducted after the movie was released, Yoon Yeo-jung decided to shoot the movie even for a small amount of money, and expressed her affection for the movie by saying that she bought a plane ticket with her own money.

Another global project Yoon Yeo-jung chose after "Minari" is "Pachinko," the original series of OTT Apple TV Plus. Pachinko is a story that begins with forbidden love and depicts unforgettable chronology of war and peace, love and separation, victory and judgment. It is based on a bestselling novel in the New York Times of the same name written by Korean-American writer Lee Min-jin. In Pachinko, Yoon Yeo-jung played the old age of a tough woman who did not give in to all adversity. Kim Min-ha, a Korean rookie actor, played the role of Seonja's

In Pachinko, Yoon Yeo-jung also focuses on her charisma and weight in the midst of young actors. In the turbulent modern history, he played the human image of a universal and special era represented by the character "Seonja." The life, achievement, and resentment of Koreans who have been through the Japanese colonial era and have protected their families through discrimination and poverty are expressed through the face and eyes of old actor Yoon Yeo-jung.

Pachinko, which has been released on Apple TV Plus since the 25th of last month, has been receiving good reviews both at home and abroad since its release. Foreign media responded enthusiastically. Time Magazine praised it as "beautifully carrying the spirit and flow of the novel," while Empire Magazine said, "I strongly insist that the ever-changing and abundant aspect of life is in Pachinko, and it is very beautiful, and it is the most satisfactory TV show of the year." The LA Times also said, "Pachinko shows what a melodrama should be like," and the New York Magazine responded enthusiastically, saying, "I want to see Pachinko forever." Now, a week after its release, the work is currently maintaining 98 percent freshness in Rotten Tomatoes.

With the wall of the world's largest market for Korean content and actors collapsing, Pachinko, created by Korean and Japanese actors and staff and American companies, is likely to succeed in the United States, a major measure of "global success." Earlier, Netflix's original drama, "Squid Game," produced by a Korean production company and starring Korean actors, won several awards during this year's U.S. awards season. Lee Jung-jae, the main actor of "Squid Game," won the best actor award for "Squid Game" at the 27th Critics' Choice Awards in the United States, and "Squid Game" won the foreign language drama award at the same award ceremony. In addition, Lee Jung-jae and Jung Ho-yeon won the best actor and actress award in the American Actor Association (SAG) respectively.

If the enthusiasm for "Pachinko" continues, Korean actors who appeared in "Pachinko" are likely to show their presence once again at the U.S. awards ceremony, just like this year's "Squid Game." If that happens, Yoon Yeo-jung, who is probably the "Oscar Winner" (Academy Award winner), is expected to receive the most attention. This is one of the reasons why attention is being paid to whether Yoon Yeo-jung will be able to continue the success of "Minari" through the global project "Pachinko."

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