Will Smith, who slapped Chris Rock in the face at the Academy Awards, was eventually banned from attending the Academy Awards.

David Rubin, chairman of the American Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences, and CEO Don Hudson announced the results of the disciplinary discussion on Will Smith in an official letter with a handwritten signature.

According to the disclosure, Will Smith was banned from attending related and online events as well as the main ceremony of the Academy Awards for the next 10 years. However, the results of winning the Best Actor Award at the 94th Academy Awards are not canceled, and there is no limit to being nominated or winning the award.

Will Smith went up to the podium and slapped Chris Rock when he told his wife, Jayda Pincat Smith, "I can't wait to see you in the second episode of G.I. Jane," at the 94th Academy Awards on April 27.

At that time, the academy asked him to leave, but he did not respond, and it was reported that he enjoyed the after-party before returning. Chris Rock, on the other hand, said he would not sue Will Smith to the LAPD, who was dispatched to the scene at the time.

Will Smith, who apologized at the time of winning the best actor award, later wrote an additional apology on his Instagram. However, as criticism continued, he returned his membership to the academy himself. As a result, he lost the right to vote for the Academy's submissions.

This influence also caused problems with his next work. Apple TV+'s original film "Liberation" was undergoing later work with the aim of releasing it this year, but it is reported that it is under discussion over whether to release it or not. In addition, the production of "Bad Guys 4," which was being developed by Sony Pictures, was suspended, and the release schedule of "Fast and Ruth," which the director dropped out a week before the awards ceremony, was postponed indefinitely.

Meanwhile, some celebrities, including Nicky Minaj and Sharon Stone, Jamila Jamil and Tyris Gibson, have criticized Chris Rock, but generally point out that Will Smith's violence was wrong. Therefore, it seems that it will take a considerable amount of time for him to make a comeback.

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