The group VERIVERY expressed their feelings about releasing their first full-length album.

A showcase to commemorate the release of VERIVERY's first full-length album "VERIVERY SERIES [ROUND 3: WHOLE]" was held at Yes24 Live Hall in Gwangjin-gu, Seoul on the afternoon of the 25th.

They will release their first full-length album in about three years since their debut in 2019. In this regard, Dong-heon said, "I'm so excited as it's my first full album. I think it's a lie to say that there's no pressure as it's a full-length album. All of the members prepared hard with a very nervous and excited heart, so I ask for your attention and affection," he said with a nervous feeling.

Yongseung said, "I've been thinking that I want to visit the fans with a full-length album someday. I feel ecstatic and happy because I feel like I achieved that dream, he said. "I hope everyone likes it as it's an album that I prepared with all my heart and soul."

Also, Yongseung said, "I watched the performances of my debut while preparing for this full-length album. There were things I learned from the practice method at the beginning of my debut, and there were parts where I felt that I had grown. "I think this full-length album will be able to do a perfect activity by combining my initial commitment when I debuted and my experience in releasing a full-length album."

Through this album, VERIVERY's worldview reaches its climax. With "Hello Darkness" as the key keyword, the story of the confrontation between those who want to confront the darkness and those who want to protect the darkness will be told.

Regarding the album, Min-chan expressed pride, saying, "As we have built up a solid narrative since our debut, many people used to evaluate it as a worldview restaurant, but I think we will be able to taste a more colorful worldview in this regular album."

"Hello Darkness" is a message that I wanted to convey through the series "O." Everyone has a dark inner side, but it contains the content of living together without turning a blind eye to it explained.

VERIVERY showed off its perfect group dance by performing its title song "Undercover." Kang Min said, "I was burdened and busy with the preparation process because it was my first full-length album," adding, "I think I was able to prepare hard and show you comfortably now."

Meanwhile, VERIVERY's first full-length album and title track "Undercover" music video will be released at 6 p.m. on the 25th.

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