Kihyun, a member of the group MONSTA X, had an interview with Forbes and showed his potential as a solo artist.

Forbes recently published an interview with Kihyun on its official website.

Kihyun, who completed his first single "VOYAGER" activity last month, said, "For the first time two to three years ago, a solo story came out. I had several discussions with the company, but as soon as I heard the demo of "VOYAGER" in January this year, I said, "Oh, this is enough. That's it. I thought this song would mark the beginning of my solo career and show my own musical color."

Regarding the recording and music video behind-the-scenes, Kihyun said, "I always record while imagining images or scenes in my head. We try to focus as much as possible on the lyrics," he said. "Filming the music video also allows us to focus as much as possible on the lyrics and express it correctly. In all aspects, I tried to be a narrator who delivers my own story by reinforcing the parts that may be lacking and different from MONSTA X's Kihyun as much as possible."

In addition, Kihyun, who challenged to write lyrics for the first time since his debut through the b-track ", COMMA," said, "I wanted to incorporate the definition into the lyrics as it is, like a comma used when I am tired and need a new start," adding, "I tried to write words that are not used well in the lyrics, but it didn't feel like melody." When I decided to incorporate my story into the lyrics, the lyrics were written smoothly."

Kihyun then said, "I can show my own music and color," adding, "I want to capture the jazz genre next time," raising fans' expectations for a future solo comeback.

In particular, K-pop columnist Jeff Benjamin posted Kihyun's live clip videos of "COMMA" and "RAIN" in the article, saying, "This must have been the basis for Kihyun's successful first solo release."

In addition, "Kihyun's first solo album not only charted on a number of Billboard charts, but also set a new record among male solo artists in 2022," adding, "I don't know when his next solo activity will be, but many fans, including me, will look forward to his next move," giving a glimpse of Kihyun's successful solo debut.

Kihyun's first single "VOYAGER" is an album that contains Kihyun's story as a traveler toward a new music world. He showed his potential as a solo artist by charting all songs on major music sites, including the title "VOYAGER" of the same name as well as the tracks "COMMA" and "RAIN."

MONSTA X, which includes Kihyun, will hold a fan concert "MONSTA X 6th OFFICIAL FANCLUB MONBEBE FAN-CONCERT" for three days from the 29th to May 1st.

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