Universe pre-released Kang Daniel's new original entertainment show.

On the 20th, the global fandom platform UNIVERSE introduced a pre-released video of Kang Daniel's new original entertainment show "AGENT BLACKJACKK: SECRET INVESTIGATION" through the app and official SNS channel.

The pre-released video showed agent Black Jack K (played by Kang Daniel) visiting the emergency room to avoid zombie attacks at the abandoned hospital. K added to the tension and immersion of those who took two scared partners to avoid zombies hidden throughout the hospital.

In particular, at the end of the video, K was surprised to see something on the other side, amplifying the curiosity about the movie, which will soon be unveiled.

"Agent Black Jack K: Top Secret Investigation" is an entertainment show that depicts the process of K leaving for each zombie to carry out a mission to find the legendary sacred object "Dow." Whether K, who infiltrated the zombie star filled with fear, will be able to return to Earth safely after the mission is a key point to watch, drawing keen attention.

The original entertainment show is expected to provide new fun with a more expanded worldview, containing the story after "AGENT BLACKJACK" released last year. In addition, focusing on the special background of Zombie Star, it heralds a more colorful scale, such as real zombie makeup and tense development.

Above all, Kang Daniel is expected to show various charms as Agent K by transforming into "boo-character" Kang Soniel. Kang Daniel will not only show his outstanding wit and sense by carrying out various missions, but also show pure and realistic reactions to give global fans a smile.

Meanwhile, "AGENT BLACK JACK: SECRET INVESTIGATION" will be released sequentially in a total of 14 episodes, including the 10th episode of the main film, making, and full version. Starting with the opening of the first episode on the 21st, it will be released every Thursday and Saturday at 7 p.m. through the Universe app.

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