Actress Yoon Yeo-jung delivers the journey of "Oscar."

The cable channel tvN's "Unexpected Journey" (directed by Na Young-seok and Shin Hyo-jung) is a program in which Yoon Yeo-jung, the first Korean to win the supporting actress award at the 93rd U.S. Academy Awards (Oscar Awards), tells the story after Oscar.

In particular, Yoon Yo-jong, who took the stage as the presenter of the 94th Oscar for Best Supporting Actor held in March this year, is expected to be vividly captured.

Also eye-catching is the appearance of actor Lee Seo-jin, who left with Yoon Yo-jung on the Oscar journey. Yoon Yeo-jung and Lee Seo-jin have been in warm chemistry by providing healing in daily life on tvN's "Yoon's Kitchen" and "Yoon's Stay."

In this "Unexpected Journey," Yoon Yo-jung and Lee Seo-jin, who once again traveled to attend the Academy Awards, are expected to draw attention.

In the teaser video released prior to the first broadcast, you can get a glimpse of Yoon Yeo-jung's story of continuing various activities at home and abroad and Lee Seo-jin, who accompanied him on his journey.

Producer Shin Hyo-jung, who directed "Unexpected Journey," said, "You will be able to meet Yoon Yeo-jung, a professional actor representing Korea, and another "Unexpected Journey" in her casual daily life. Please look forward to it."

"Unexpected Journey" will premiere at 10:40 p.m. on May 8.

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