On the first day of TWICE's performance in Japan, 50,000 fans filled the Tokyo Dome.

On the 23rd, TWICE celebrated the first day of a total of three solo concerts at the Tokyo Dome, called the "Holy Land of Japanese Performance." The Tokyo Dome concert was scheduled to be held twice for two days on the 23rd and 24th as part of the world tour "TWICE 4TH WORLD TOUR "III" (TWICE's fourth world tour "Three"), but it urgently added a performance on Monday due to high-speed sales.

In particular, TWICE once again proved its popularity as the "first K-pop girl group" to hold three consecutive performances at the Tokyo Dome. It is the second time in history after AKB48 by female artists, and it is writing a new history with another new record following the entry into the Tokyo Dome for the shortest time since its debut as an overseas artist.

On the first day of the Tokyo Dome concert, TWICE presented the opening stage with the group's first English single, "The Feelings," and the audience filled the hall responded by brightening the official cheering sticks. Sana said, "I missed ONCE (fandom name). I'm so happy to meet you in person like this. Let's enjoy it together today. Jeongyeon said, "The last concert in Japan was about 2 years ago. I'm so happy to meet ONCE in person at the timing of our 5th anniversary in Japan." He greeted his fans after a long time.

In addition to the various hit songs parade, the members performed Japanese versions of "FANCY" (Fancy), "I CAN'T STOP ME" and "SCIENTIST" along with TWICE's unique energetic performances, drawing enthusiastic responses from the audience. In addition, the encore collaborated with the hair care brand "LUX" to present the Japanese original single "Just be Yourself" and the title song "Perfect World" of Japan's third full-length album, which was surprisingly released last month. On top of that, in the section where you turn the roulette to choose a song, you sang the original Japanese single and album tracks, making the fans who visited the concert hall more enjoyable.

This year marks the fifth anniversary of TWICE's official debut in Japan, adding further meaning to the Tokyo Dome performance. In response, Jihyo said, "Thank you for giving me a good time. I sincerely thank you for making me achieve many dreams for five years since my debut in Japan, said Dahyun, who expressed her feelings for the fifth anniversary of my local debut, and said, "It often rains and the ground hardens." I was sad when I couldn't meet you, but I think our love has deepened.

Thank you for liking it so much, ONCE said.
TWICE's 2022 Tokyo Dome performance will be held three times from the 23rd to the 25th, and the second day, the 24th, will be held in live viewing at movie theaters across Japan, delivering the heat of the scene vividly. The first face-to-face meeting in about two years since "TWICE WOLLD TOUR 2019 "TWICE LIGHTS" IN JAPAN" and the first solo concert in three years at Tokyo Dome are expected to soothe fans' long wait.

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