The release of members of LE SSERAFIM, the first girl group of "Hybe," has begun. The first runner is Sakura.

LE SSERAFIM posted Sakura's photos and videos on its official SNS and Hive labels YouTube channel at midnight on the 4th.

Sakura's natural facial expressions and poses stand out in photos with various concepts reminiscent of magazine pictorials. In particular, Sakura displayed a wide range of conceptual digestibility, ranging from a pure image to a haughty and elegant atmosphere.

The video shows a chic and confident image that Sakura has never shown before. Sakura proudly walks forward against the backdrop of an electronic display with "LE SSERAFIM" written on it, and smiles leisurely while riding on a bike.

Sakura's confident walking and haughty eyes, combined with intense beats, overwhelms the eyes. Starting with Sakura, LE SSERAFIM plans to unveil a new member every day.

Meanwhile, LE SSERAFIM is scheduled to debut in May as the first girl group launched in cooperation with Hive and Source Music. The team name is an anagram of "IM FEARLESS," which implies self-confidence and strong will to move forward without fear without being swayed by the gaze of the world.

All of Hibe's world class production corps participated in the work of LE SSERAFIM's debut album. Chairman Bang Si-hyuk, who put BTS in the ranks of world-class artists, oversaw his debut album, and Creative Director Kim Sung-hyun, who was in charge of the visuals of BTS, planned all the visual contents of LE SSERAFIM.

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