When BTS failed to win the Grammy Awards again, voices filled with regret burst out everywhere. Korean netizens who watched the award ceremony in real time, as well as various SNS and online communities in various countries such as the United States, Japan, and China, responded, "I'm proud to be nominated, but I'm sorry for not winning."

In particular, the New York Post said, "Korea's sensation BTS dominated the world, but the Grammy was not ready to give them a golden phonograph (trophy). Surprisingly, it was Ceramic Cat & Caesar who won the award over BTS, Coldplay, and Justin Bieber, Reuters reported, "BTS Boys remained empty again."

Bae Chul-soo, who was in charge of the live broadcast, said, "I don't want to talk about anything else." It's a shame that BTS didn't win again this time, said adding, "As a Korean, I don't represent the Grammy, but I apologize to many viewers in Korea as a person who has been broadcasting the Grammy Awards for a long time. I'm sorry," he bowed.

Lim Jin-mo, a music critic, also said, "Now we will be nominated more and receive awards. I think it's good to think that I'm taking a good rest now."

Since then, the members have also expressed regret, but soon showed their unique positive mindset. After the awards ceremony, Jimin said on a V LIVE broadcast, "I thought I could repay ARMY (fans) if I received the Grammy Award, but it was a little disappointing," and J-Hope confessed, "I really prepared hard for the performance, but a lot of things passed by."

Suga also said, "It's already my second time being nominated for the Grammy. It's not something to be sad about as a result of this," he said, comforting the members.

Meanwhile, BTS captivated fans around the world by performing solo at the Grammy Awards for the second consecutive year, although he failed to win the award. Inspired by the lyrics of "Butter," BTS performed a concept of stealing the hearts of numerous audiences at the "Grammy Awards" by seven members who secretly infiltrated. After BTS's fantastic performance, not only standing ovation but also enthusiastic cheers poured out.

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