A colorful flower-patterned shirt, which drew attention as an airport fashion by BTS V, has confirmed its reputation as a sold-out king, which is "sold out just by brushing off its collar" due to global sold-out.

BTS left to attend the 64th Grammy Awards in Las Vegas on March 28.

On the same day, V appeared in a stylish look matching brown and green colors in a mute bag designed by himself, drawing attention from domestic and foreign media and fans. V displayed a colorful yet calm fashion sense by combining a classic brown jacket, a colorful shirt with flower patterns on a green background, and Rupit's slacks.

The colorful flower-patterned shirt is a product of UNDERCOVER, a punk-style streetwear brand, and has attracted great attention as it blends well with V's colorful beauty.

Online retailers in 190 countries of FARFETCH, a luxury e-commerce company, proved that V's shirts were all sold out at once, proving a powerful V effect.

V, a global fashion icon, is a star that anyone wants to follow with a sophisticated attitude as well as a beautiful appearance, tall height, and wide shoulders.

When V wears it, brands with reasonable prices from luxury brands are quickly sold out. Recently, reorder was carried out from Celine's sweater worth 2.17 million won to the T-shirt of Noyce, a Korean brand that was immediately sold out, regardless of price and brand.

When he visited the Silk Sonic concert hall with the members, V's flower-patterned shirt in a photo taken with Anderson Pack drew attention again, prompting fans to order for it.

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