Singer and DJ Koo Joon-yeop, who married Taiwanese actor Seo Hee-won, made his first public appearance since his marriage.

According to Chinese media on the 17th, Koo Jun-yeop performed for about an hour at a club in Taipei, Taiwan, on the 15th (local time).

Koo Joon-yeop's performance drew much attention in that it was his first official appearance since he married Seo Hee-won.

Koo Joon-yeop posted a photo taken on the day of the club's performance on his Instagram on the 17th, saying, "Thank you for coming yesterday! Especially, my sister-in-law who came to support me! It's the best!"
In the picture, Koo Joon-yeop is smiling brightly with his arms raised on stage. Numerous audiences under the stage attract attention.

In particular, Seo Hee-je, the younger brother of Seo Hee-won and a Taiwanese broadcaster and singer, appeared on stage together, drawing attention.

Koo Joon-yeop and Seo Hee-won, who were lovers 20 years ago, drew attention by announcing their surprise wedding news on Instagram on the 8th of last month.
Koo Jun-yeop, who left for Taiwan immediately afterwards, completed self-quarantine and registered his marriage with Seo Hee-won and became a legal couple. Currently, Koo is staying at Seo Hee-won's home in Taipei.

Meanwhile, Koo will leave for New York for a DJ performance in May.

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