The population of Taekwondo in Portugal is about 5,000.

Although the number of Taekwondo people has increased due to the recent popularity of the Korean Wave, it is a small number compared to other European countries. However, the heat of Taekwondo classes conducted by Lee Jung-hoon is as hot as anywhere else.

Master Lee Jung-hoon, who started Taekwondo at a young age of six and has only known Taekwondo for 27 years so far, is spreading Taekwondo in Portugal. In Portugal, not only education for children and teenagers, but also guidance from public education institutions such as the Naval Academy, the Korea Military Academy, and the judicial police.

Less than a year after master Lee Jung-hoon came to Portugal, he took the lead in the distribution of taekwondo in many other countries.

Since then, he has applied for the Kukkiwon faction as an instructor and served as a national team coach in Uganda, and returned to Korea as COVID-19 spread, and happened to visit Portugal.

As Korean culture such as K-pop became known, awareness of Taekwondo increased, but Master Lee Jung-hoon was a little disappointed. This is because Poomsae or demonstration, which is not a competition, is not well known.This is why a taekwondo demonstration team was created in Portugal.

We founded a demonstration team that is not in Portugal, and we can enjoy various promotional effects by demonstrating and promoting Taekwondo to many Portuguese people.

He said, " Last year, we held a Taekwondo competition in cooperation with the Portuguese Taekwondo Association and hosted the European Championship Poomsae competition, so we have a bigger goal in the future.

I want to train a lot of students and train their students and spread Taekwondo a lot so that I can make money and grow with Taekwondo. Ultimately, I hope Taekwondo will help promote friendship between the two countries."

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