The movie 'Sympathy For Lady Vengagement' is a Korean thriller film starring Lee Young-ae and directed by Park Chan-wook. It was released on July 29, 2005 and is the last film in the director's revenge trilogy (Revenge is mine - Old Boy - Sympathy For Lady Vengagement).

It is also the first work of Moho Film run by Park Chan-wook. And unlike the previous works, the subject of revenge has been changed into an organization, not an individual. The title of the movie, "Sympathy For Lady Vengeance," is a nickname given to the inmates around him for "kindness" as well as a model and sincere prison life in prison where he served 13 years in the drama. The teaser poster also looks like a parody of a saint.

The film was invited to compete at the 62nd Venice International Film Festival 2005. Although it is not the main award, it has won unofficial awards such as 'Future Film', 'Young Lion', and 'Best Innovation'.

According to Park Chan-wook, when he first produced "Revenge is mine," he asked reporters at a press conference about "Old Boy," "Revenge is always an interesting topic for people who have to control their anger."

Since then, detailed references to the three episodes have been made in various interviews. And according to what I said directly in the first row of the room, I was concerned that female characters were pushed to the sidelines without being able to play the lead role in the previous film, "Old Boy," and above all, I wanted to write a work of female narrative for a very long time.

The initial title was Witch Lee Geum-ja. There is a song of the same name in the movie OST. The motif of the movie "Sympathy For Lady Vengagement" is none other than the movie "Pyran". It is a movie starring Choi Min-sik, who plays the role of Baek, and it is said that the original title of Pairan was "Kind Kang Jae."After hearing the story from Choi Min-sik, Park Chan-wook decided to name the film <Sympathy For Lady Vengagement>.

In the early days of production, Park Chan-wook's name value rose further due to the popularity of "Old Boy" and the Cannes Film Festival's grand prize winner, and Lee Young-ae's dramatic change in acting, which was the highest in 2003. Park Chan-wook and Lee Young-ae have already worked together at the Joint Security Area JSA, while another lead, Choi Min-sik, worked together in his previous film, Old Boy.

Perhaps that's why, when the first filming site was released, an unusually large number of reporters came.At that time, the release of the teaser poster alone made headlines, and there were many teaser poster composites of Lee Geum-ja holding a blood-colored cake, and even in the popular MBC sitcom "Hi, Francesca," parodying the teaser poster as "Cheeky Geum-ja" two months before the movie was released.

Lee Geum-ja, who has a good look that catches the eye of people around her, will be jailed for kidnapping and killing a six-year-old boy named Won Mo at the age of 20. Even at a young age, he becomes famous in the media at the moment he is arrested for his beautiful appearance.

A man who has served 13 years in prison and spends a more sincere and exemplary life in prison than anyone else. The title of the movie, "Kind Geumja," is also a nickname given by people to her, who was famous for helping people around her. Geum-ja safely completes her 13-year prison term by helping each and every one of her neighbors.

At the release ceremony, the preacher, who was close to Geumja, presents Geumja with tofu, but Geumja drops the tofu with an expressionless face and retorts, "You take care of yourself." From the moment he was released from prison, Geumja unfolds his revenge plan that he has carefully prepared. The person she is trying to avenge is Mr. Baek. Most of the colleagues who helped Geumja by showing kindness during her prison life were released from prison first and settled down, and now help her revenge in various ways. However, the warm and friendly appearance shown in prison is nowhere to be seen, and the cold behavior of Geum-ja, who wears red eye makeup on her expressionless face, embarrasses everyone.

Lee Geum-ja and Mr. Baek. What happened between the two 13 years ago, and why are they trying to get revenge? And what will be the end of this revenge?

Park Chan-wook's impression of Lee Young-ae crying or laughing after revenge was said to have been inspired by the movie "Pianist." Park Chan-wook is said to have asked Lee Young-ae to "look unclear whether he is happy to succeed in revenge or regret it because it is in vain."

All the actual takes were good, but it was the scene in the movie that Lee Young-ae finally entered when she asked to take one more shot at the end. Lee Young-ae's great acting stands out, and this part was actually used when Lee Young-ae was introduced as a candidate for the best actress award at the 43rd Daejong Film Festival. It is a famous scene that overwhelmed the audience with just their expressions.

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