The global popularity of the group Stray Kids is unusual. He entered the U.S. Billboard main chart "Billboard 200" for three consecutive weeks and became the leader of the "4th generation representative boy group."

Stray Kids topped the Billboard main chart for the third time in K-pop artist history by simultaneously topping the Billboard 200 and Artist 100 on April 2 with their mini-album "ODDINARY" and title song "MANIAC" In particular, they proved their hot global fandom by ranking first as soon as they entered 'Billboard 200'.

Stray Kids, which ranked 11th in the second week of April 9th "Billboard 200" and maintained its top ranking, also made noticeable results in the April 16th chart. Despite its third week of release, it showed its presence by ranking 59th on "Billboard 200" and 45th on "Artist 100." In addition, it succeeded in 10 Billboard charts, including No. 1 in "World Album," No. 4 in "Top Current Album Sales," No. 7 in "Hot Trending Songs Powered by Twitter," No. 9 in "World Digital Song Sales" and No. 19 in "Tastemaker Album."

As popular singers around the world target the Billboard charts with new albums every week, it is a part of the global popularity that can be confirmed even if it is only slightly popular on the charts. Nevertheless, Stray Kids showed their presence in the third week and proved that they are gaining enthusiastic support from global fandom.

YouTube also has a great presence as a "global trend." On the 28th of last month, Stray Kids proved its extraordinary global power by surpassing 9 million YouTube subscribers for the first time among fourth-generation male idols. They have five music videos, including "God's Menu," "Back Door," "MIROH," "My Pace," and "Singer," with the largest number of music videos among the fourth-generation K-pop male groups, and the "Maniac" music video is also expected to have 100 million views.

In particular, it is significant in that YouTube contents related to Stray Kids generally have relatively high views compared to those of other boy groups. Amid fierce competition in good faith among a number of fourth-generation boy groups that debuted between 2018 and 2020, the "potent" of those who have silently built up global fandom is exploding.

Those who have an overwhelming advantage in terms of overseas fandom are gaining worldwide popularity, unlike some boy groups that are popular in Asia and North America, indicating their growth as a real global group. In fact, as a result of K-pop Radar's statistics by country on YouTube music video views for a week from March 20 to 26, Mexico 8.9%, the U.S. 7.0%, Japan 6.1%, Indonesia 6.1%, and Brazil 5.0%.

Stray Kids, who finished their official activities for Maniac, which topped the Billboard 200, will immediately start preparing for the world tour. They will open their second world tour "Maniac" through a three-day performance at Jamsil Indoor Gymnasium in Songpa-gu, Seoul, from the 29th to May 1. This tour is the first face-to-face concert in about two years and five months since the first world tour "Stray Kids World Tour "District 9: Unlock" in 2019, and you will be able to meet the true side of Stray Kids, who have grown over the past two years.

Following the Seoul performance, the tour will be held 16 times in 10 cities from June 11 to 12, Tokyo from 18 to 19, Newark, USA (local time), Chicago on July 1, Atlanta on the 3rd, Fort Worth on the 6th, Los Angeles on the 9th, Oakland on the 14th, Seattle on the 26th to 27th. All seats were sold out for the third performance in Seoul.

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